Historical Background

Okwelle is one of four towns that make up Onuimo local government areas of Imo state in Nigeria. It is made up of eight villages. Namely: Alaike, OJiama, Ojiowere, Umoko, Umuagwo, Umuduruebo, Umuduruodu and Umuoma.

Strategically located, Okwelle lies on Latitude 56 degrees north of the equator and 3.2 degrees east of the Greenwhich Meridian. It is bounded by major towns like Umunachi, Abba, Dikenafai, Okwe and Ezike. Its position in the South east of Nigeria rain forest zones gives adequate rainfall in the area. With an area of about 8.5sq.km, Okwelle is blessed with several spring running water, lakes, inland water channels and seasonal runoffs. The area generally has a tropical climate with average temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit from January to April and over 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the ember months. The area also boasts of large variety of wild animals and river habitats. Agriculture and trading are the main occupation of the people and the great variety of fruits, plants and food  reflects its rich soil and topography.

There are basic infrastructures all over Okwelle. Our Central Market (Ekego) attracts traders from all over our neighboring towns. There are several primary schools, a secondary school, a motherless baby’s home or orphanage, several hospitals and maternities, a gas station, a motor park, lock up shops, banks and several places of worship like St Charles Catholic Church and St Andrew CMS church. There is a small and growing professional class of Okwelle sons and daughters in all areas of discipline like Banking, Accounting, Law, Medicine, Engineering, Arts, Government and Academia. It is also the home of many Prominent Nigerians.

In July 1994, a group of young men and women of Okwelle origin residing in North America Organized themselves and met in the state of New York to form what is today known as Okwelle Association in North America (OANA)  The association was subsequently registered as a not for profit organization under section 501© 3 of internal revenue service code. Our mission as stated in our constitution is to bring together the indigenes of Okwelle in North America with the aim of preserving the rich cultural heritage of Ndigbo in general and enhancing the lives of members and society at large through cultural awareness and humanitarian services. Since our inception; we have launched several successful fund raising events during some of our annual conventions in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago just to name a few. Donations realized at these events helped us achieve a lot among which were

  • Renovation of the housing unit at Okwelle motherless babies home.

  • Installation of security gates for the home

  • Provide additional sleeping bed for the orphans

  • Provide play equipment for the orphans

  • Purchase a parcel of over 6000 sq. meters of land for future community development in Okwelle.

  • Organize an HIV/AIDS awareness workshop for the youths and adults in Okwelle community

On January 1, 2011, we recorded the greatest accomplishment in the history of OANA by successfully completing, furnishing and commissioning the 6-classroom building at the community primary school in Okwelle.

We must not rest on our accomplishments. Be that as it may, we shall continue to do what we know to do best. Love, Peace and Progress is our motto and these forms the bedrock on which Okwelle Association was established.

Long Live OANA! Long Live Okwelle! Long Live Imo State!